Aspire DigiLock Electric Lock by Numeris

Aspire electric locks operate with an alphanumeric standard keypad or touch RFID interface. The interface also contains a key slot to operate locks with an ADA compliant User Key. Body Styles are available in standard, vertical, and horizontal body styles with or without pull handle. Functionality is Shared Use or Assigned Use. In shared use functionality, the locks are designed for day-use lockers. The user chooses an available locker and operates it with a self-selected user credential. Once the locker is vacated, it becomes available for a different user. In assigned use functionality, the locks are designed for lockers that are for private use. The user is assigned a locker and operates it with their assigned user credential.

The locks are managed with electronic keys or mobile app. There is management override and power bypass. They feature a motorized deadbolt, all metal housing, and come in brushed nickel or black finish.

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