Green Statement

Action Laminates continues to develop methods and practices to provide “green” sustainable products to our customers. We are continually evaluating new materials to reduce environmental impact, both in products manufactured and post-consumer recyclability. Materials, such as “Skyblend” and “Arreis” particle board and MDF (medium density fiberboard), provide no added urea formaldehyde content. They are as durable as standard particle board and also meet Indoor Environmental Quality standards, as defined by LEED and California Air Resources Board specifications.

The laminates, backer sheets and glue lines we use are GreenGuard Certified. In addition, Action Laminates employs practices of manufacturing to reduce waste in our processes. We value engineer every project to maximize material usage and minimize waste. Action Laminates manufactures our products in Hayward, CA. Transportation of our finished products is often less than 100 miles to the final destination, thus reducing transportation emissions.