Locker Bank/ Mail Slot

Basic Elements laminate locker bank, 18”d x 48”w x 72”h. Includes (4) columns x (3) rows of openings, each opening with hinged door. (12) openings/hinged doors total; each hinged door approximately 12”w x 24”h, with hinge at left. Includes flush bottom. Doors include #LOCK-1 standard key lock; (1) #CP3 6” wide paper slot, vertical position, location per drawing; and self closing/soft close hinges. 7/8” thick construction with self edge detail. Case with WA #1573-60 Frosty White laminate; doors with the following laminate specifications (see drawing for laminate placement): #A) WA #1573-60 Frosty White; #B) WA #D501-60 Orange Grove; #C) WA #D498K-18 Island Grade II Premium laminate; #D) WA #D321-60 Brittany Blue; #E) D90-60 North Sea. Finished back panel. Note: Key numbers for each door to be unique. Job #32891

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